Which ethnic groups in America are the most educated?


The United States of America is full of diverse people and everyone should know which ethnic groups in America are the most educated.

There has been a lot of speculation about the immigrants taking away jobs of the Americans. Incendiary comments made by the politicians have fueled the discussion even more. This has deviated the discussion from the fact that the ethnic groups that are observable in America have proven themselves to be in the country. The USA has always been a land of opportunities for the capable ones and these people have earned their place. Another information that people often forget is that even though these people may have different roots, many of them were born and brought up in the USA, so they are as American as any other person in the country.

A closer look at the ethnic groups helps us to identify a few major areas in the world that send the highest number of educated people to the country. We have the Venezuelan Americans representing the Latino or Hispanic community. A major portion of them have a bachelor degree and almost two-third of them attend college. We can also see Chinese Americans and Korean Americans getting admitted into many of the colleges or working professionally in different organizations. Nigerian Americans represent another ethnic group that is highly driven towards education. Many of them already have or currently pursuing doctorate degrees too. Iranian Americans and Jewish Americans represent the Middle East and these two ethnic groups have significant presence because of their education too. But the most educated ethnic group is the Indian American. More than 70% of them have professional and/or bachelor degree and many of them work in science and technology companies as important personnel.

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