Which European Airport Is On the Biggest Surface?


Airports are the busiest places in the world and the number of people crossing their floors each day mostly depends on the size of the airport. Not because it is the bigger the better thing, but because depending on the size of the airport, there would be more or fewer plains landing. As far as the Europe is concerned, which European airport is on the biggest surface?

Consulting the SkyScanner our team managed to compile the list of not one, but 13 biggest airlines in the Europe, whose surface is expressed in hectares. According to their previous research, the busiest airport in Europe is the Heathrow Airport placed in London. But does it necessarily mean that it is the biggest? Of course not and that wasn’t our point before. We just wanted to say that the bigger the surface is, the more planes can land, therefore the more passengers it can have. And Heathrow Airport is the real proof of this statement. Although it isn’t the biggest airport by a surface, but 12th, it has still found its place on our list. It is spread over the area of 1,227 hectares and has annually about 75.7 million passengers. And what makes it so busy? Although the service is great, that isn’t the main reason. The main reason for it is the destinations that planes landing on this area are reaching. Planes flying from London are landing in New York, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Dublin, and these are the most visited places in the world in almost every time of year.

But, as we already said, the Heathrow Airport is big, but not the biggest airport in Europe, which doesn’t make it very suitable as an answer to our question. The biggest airport in Europe is spread over 3,260 hectares and has a float of about 1,350 aircraft per a day. If you would like to find out which one is it, check out Insider Monkey’s list of 13 largest airports in Europe by area.