Which European Country Has Been Most Contaminated With HIV?


European countries are known as very open-minded and free-spirited countries in many areas. Although the LGBT community was still not accepted in some parts of Europe, government and citizens are making great efforts to make some changes due to this topic. But, on the other hand, European people can exaggerate with their free-spirit, which is why there are many people founding out every day that their body contains the HIV virus as the consequence of their one night stands and promiscuity. Do you know which European country has been most contaminated with HIV?

As we all know, AIDS is a serious disease that can’t be treated, at least not for now. Scientist from all over the world are making great efforts to find a cure, but every time there was a tiny sparkle, they ended up failing. Just to make something clear since there are many people putting HIV and AIDS in the same basket, like they are the same thing- the HIV is actually a virus that can be spread through the sexual intercourse or via blood, while the AIDS comes as a disease that came result of being infected by HIV.

There are around 1.2 million people infected with the HIV in the US alone, but the issue here is that there are not that recognizable symptoms, which is why 1 in 8 people don’t even know that they are infected with HIV. This number is high, but the US still isn’t on the top of the countries where HIV is prevalent. The country that is on the very top for the many years is Africa, and, unfortunately, due to the too slow development, it will remain there for a while.

But let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s report of 10 countries with the highest HIV rates in Europe. Who knows, maybe next year you plan to visit some of them.