It is never enjoyable to wake up with a terrible hangover headache after a night of fun partying and that is why you should know which food items are the best cures for a hangover headache.

Alcohol is a good tool to relax after a hectic day or to make your dinner a bit fancier. But often times, you will enjoy the night and dread the morning after that. This happens because of the reactions alcohol consumption has on your body. Alcohol raises the rate of urine production which means you often urinate a lot of liquid and vital minerals out of your body. Often times the deficiency causes the body to harvest water from the brain too, and that is when the dehydration of the brain causes the headache. Also, breaking down alcohol or ethanol requires a few other elements and it can start processes in the kidney which can cause other sorts of discomfort.

So, an important thing to do is replenish the water level in the body. You can drink water, Pedialyte, or Tea for that. You should drink milk or fruit juices to regain the blood sugar level too. Glutathione deficiency can be filled by eating red meat. You will be able to replenish vitamin B stock by eating fish, seaweed, and sunflower seeds. Honey and coconut water can work as strong antioxidants. Interestingly enough, peanut butter is a great remedy too, because it is full of nutrients like potassium and sodium. It will also provide salt and protein too. You can also try banana, watermelon, peaches and strawberries too for their excellent nutritional and hangover-busting qualities.

Even though there is no single magic cure, different food items can fulfill different requirements. You can check out Insider Monkey’s study on this in their article 25 Best Foods for a Hangover Headache where they give you an extensive list.