Which free android online dating apps are the most popular?


If you want to find a dating partner for free, but still want the experience to be satisfactory, you must have asked yourself which free android dating apps are the most popular.

With the rise in popularity of technology and smartphones, people have changed a lot of their habits. Now, dating websites and apps are the go-to option for the youngsters to meet people. And this has opened up a good market and a lot of apps and websites are trying to give you the best match you can dream of. But not all of them comes free of cost. There are some where you will need to pay a fee to enjoy all the services. But there are other lifesavers who will let you use their platforms with any cost and obviously, they are the more popular ones.

Among the most popular free apps, Hinge stands out because it requires you to have friends in the app too, and it will match you with only those people who you share mutual friends with. Clover is similar to Tinder, but it lets you avoid the “big decision” to swipe right and left. Based on the profiles you are suggested, you can pick any one of them after going through the entire list. There are other platforms like happn, Bumble, OKCupid that are doing good, but the most popular ones continue to be Grindr that almost exclusively caters to bisexual and gay men, and Tinder which has revolutionized online dating for any smartphone-using individual.

Maintaining a relationship is a costly activity, so if you want to at least get into one without any cost, you can check these apps out. Take a look at Insider Monkey’s 10 Best Free Dating Apps For Android Phones to know more.