Google has been revolutionary in changing how people utilize the internet for personal development and that is why you should know which Google apps are the most helpful for education.

Google believes in empowering people with knowledge and that is why they have created the Google for Education program collection to help students and academicians to make the best use of internet resources. Even though all the apps are very effective in helping the users, a few apps can be considered very vital.

Once the school signs up for the package, students and teachers can use customized gmail addresses to organize their responsibilities and deliverables better. This easy access helps to make education process paper-less and digital. And most importantly, it helps you to keep your personal email address private. Google drive and its cloud storage services can help the student to upload assignments and get them corrected by the teachers. This helps to keep the tasks in order. Students can also use Docs and Presentations to work collaboratively in teams. They can work more efficiently because the team can simultaneously work on the file to ensure everyone knows about the task. Presentations app will help students to make beautiful presentations online. Schools can create websites using Websites tool where they can put up information about courses and the institution for others to join. Classroom is a wonderful feature from Google where people can be invited to create an online class. This increases attendance because people can find a comfortable place and still attend the lectures.

As Google tools are compatible with any digital device, you can take a look at Insider Monkey’s list of 6 Best Google Apps for Education to learn how you can use these apps to make your life knowledgeable.