Which hashtags on Instagram are the most annoying?


Regardless of whether you are a new or an old Instagram user, you may have some idea about which hashtags on Instagram are the most annoying.

Instagram was initially launched for Apple’s iOS platform in 2010 and it was released for the Android platform after 2 years. From the beginning, it has managed to be a hit and more and more people now share photos privately with their friends or publicly with the world. You can follow the daily activities of your favorite celebrities too, because everyone loves Instagram.

This love meant Instagram developers brought in popular features from other apps. Twitter’s hashtag is one such very popular feature. Hashtags can be quite handy if used properly because, as the name suggests, it is a tag and you can search and find common activities using the marker. But hashtags are quite often very badly misused and they can become very annoying because a few specific ones fail to help in any way. For example, if you try to add any or all words with “insta” and try to make a hashtag, you stop making sense about what you want to say. Or if you post a selfie, it is pointless to add a “selfie” hashtag because there is very low possibility that the picture was anything except that. “Yolo” has become such an overused hashtag that almost every Instagram now features this even without relevance. And tied as the worst use of hashtags, we have two abuses of this feature – breaking down a long sentence into countless meaningless hashtags and writing a long sentence as such a hashtag that is completely unreadable.

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