To understand the right formula to make a good TV show, you need to know which HBO shows were the biggest flops.

We all know about the great shows HBO has launched. Game of Thrones does not need any introduction. Other shows like True Detective, Veep, True Blood, etc. have also garnered a lot of recognition. But the sad truth is that not all shows see this sort of success. Often times, the network considers a project to be interesting and invests in the production. If the show is not received well by the audience, it may get pulled from the daily schedule. Sometimes the show faces difficulties with the cast or the shooting and has to terminate production. No show wants this fate.

“Luck” is one such show. Even though it had the great Dustin Hoffman in the cast, it did not survive past the first season. People had a lot of concerns with animal safety as the show centered on horse racing and betting. C.K. Louis also had a flop show named “Lucky Louie”. The live studio show also did not survive to see the second season start. “Carnivale” is a sad inclusion in the list though, because the show had high potential but was kind of ahead of its time. The plan was to have six seasons, but sadly, it got shortened to two seasons. And “In Treatment” was an experiment that may have gone wrong. It was about a psychiatrist and his session with the patients. The lack of variety in the show meant viewership tanked quite fast. You can also check out Insider Monkey’s list of 7 Biggest HBO Flops Of All Time to see which other shows did poorly on HBO.