Which independent rappers are the most successful in the world?


In this world of commercialism and huge mainstream record labels, you need to know which independent rappers are the most successful in the world.

In recent times, it has become really tough for music artists to rise to the top and retain their positions because everyone is trying to please the crowd and earn more and more money. This has created a change among the hip hop artists and some of them now prefer to stay beyond the reaches of established labels. They make and market their music independently. Daniel Dumile or better known as “MF Doom” calls himself rap’s super villain. He even wears a Doctor Doom mask during performances. Curren$y has gone on to creating his own record label named Jet Life Recordings. Renowned for his presence in different forms of media including video games, Tech N9ne is another famous independent rapper. His success can be understood by his net worth of $8 million. Fetti Wap first rose to fame when his single Trap Queen got viral through SoundCloud and earned a platinum record status. He has released another two albums since then and both of them are also quite popular. E-40 is renowned because his tracks often get picked by movie crews and become part of the movie soundtrack. Mac Miller is another recognizable name because his album “Blue Slide Park” broke into the US Billboard 200 chart and reached the top after a 25 year long gap. But the best independent rapper is none other than the “Thrift Shop” singer, Macklemore. We can understand his talent by simply looking at the number of Grammys he has won so far.

There are some other rappers who are similarly good. If you want to know more, take a look at the list of 7 Most Successful Independent Rappers in the World, compiled by Insider Monkey.