Which indie games of 2016 were the most successful?


It is not only the prominent game studios that make great games and that is why you need to know which indie games of 2016 were the most successful.

Though it is true that big game producers have more money and get to launch cool games regularly, every now and then we see some interesting games being launched independent of them. Steam has been really helpful in helping these games launch directly through online platform and Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing platforms have been instrumental in ensuring the necessary funding. That is why we see more and more innovative games coming up.

If we assess the sales volume and critical acclaim, a few games pop up because of their gripping story and gameplay. “Enter the Gungeon” proves to us 2D games can still be popular if the gameplay is interesting enough. Then we have exploration games like “The Witness”, “Gone Home” and “Kentucky Route Zero” which encourages you to rely on your keen senses to detect anomalies and search for clues. When you get good at these games, you start to think you can be the next Sherlock Holmes. “Grim Dawn” is an excellent RPG where you make your mark on the world with decisions that shape your character’s capabilities. Then we have “Crypt of the Necrodancer” that successfully combined dancing and dungeon exploration to create a must watch game. But we think you will like “Inside” and “Ori and the Blind Forest” for the gripping gameplay and the unique making style that keeps the players hooked till the very end.

You can never know which game will give you the most satisfaction. Check out Insider Moneky’s list of 10 Most Successful Coolest New Indie Games of 2016 to pick which game you want to play next!