If you are a massive video game fan, you should know which indie video games are the most successful of all time.

Even though most games today are launched under the banner of big game developers, we come across critically acclaimed games from unknown or less known developers every now and then. This trend has increased as the need for physical release has gone down. Because of online platforms, developers can now focus more on developing a good game with good story and gameplay. Interested gamers can simply pay online, download and play these games. If we look at the most successful indie games, we realize that the popularity of these games has meant that they receive positive feedback from the critics and a lot of copies get sold. Truly astonishing is that a few of them are crowdfunded which means they get launched with quite a high expectation from them. Another interesting part is that the list of top indie games includes games of multiple genres. Games like “Papers, Please”, “Kerbal Space Program” and “Prison Architect” let you be in charge of key responsibilities, solve problems and complete challenges. Other games like “Don’t Starve” and “The Binding of Isaac” force you survive through harrowing experiences. And “Limbo” climbs to the top of the list with the unique frightening audio-visual atmosphere it managed to create.

All these games manage to prove to the gamers that you do not always need to be heavily reliant on graphics. You can create a simple game and still keep gamers spellbound. If you want to know more about these games, take a look at Insider Monkey’s 11 Most Successful Indie Games of All Time for more information on how the top indie games have done critically and financially.