Whether you are deciding on the appreciable decision to quit smoking or trying to help someone to motivate for the same, it is time to know which ingredients in cigarettes are harmful just to make you more determined in your fight against this meaningless addiction.

Smoking is such a nuisance that it not only affects who smokes but also to the passive smokers who have nothing to do with direct smoking, but simply gets affected by inhaling the smokes emitted by a nearby cigarette smoker. Name few disgusting chemicals you can recall and be sure all those to be present in cigarettes. The most dangerous news of it all is that the same can be said about the other forms of cigarettes too that are taking up the market these days. Traditional cigarettes or the highly marketed e-cigarettes none of them are free from containing harmful chemicals and even traces of metal. The American Lung Association is very vocal about the adversities of smoking and has warned the public about some of the most harmful ones; namely Arsenic, Lead, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Nicotine etc. If you have ever thought why people gets addicted to smoking is all about these chemicals that sends a false sense of pleasure to the brain. But this seemingly short staying pleasure comes at the cost of severe respiratory diseases, general fatigue, sensory disturbances, damage to the vital organs, and cancer. In simple words smoking is synonymous to early death. There is not a single substance in any cigarettes which is less injurious than the other, but three most toxic ones are obviously nicotine that creates the addiction, tar and benzene that are respectively reasons behind lung cancer and blood cancer.

To help yourself or someone you know who smokes, it is high time you read Insider Monkey’s detailed report on the Top 10 Ingredients in Cigarettes that are Harmful to stay cigarette free.