Which Instruments Are the Hardest to Play?


People are always focusing on finding the easiest instrument to play and create beautiful tones, and are looking for the reassurement that the one they decided to play isn’t as hard to learn as it seemed, but let’s find out which instruments are the hardest to play, so you don’t have to wonder each time you decide to switch.

The basic length of taking instrument playing lessons depend on how determined you are to learn it and how much do you enjoy it. The piano is said to be one of the easiest instruments to play, but if you don’t like it as much as you should, you will be loosing a couple of years to learn to play it without any success at all. On the other hand, harp doesn’s seem to be easy at all, but many people who enjoy its sound and have light fingers managed to take it from the scratch in no time.
Playing the hardest instruments doesn’t make you the great musician. To be the greatest musician, you need to play each instrument you take into your hands with heart. As funny as it seems, but your audience can feel it and will judge your skills only by that. So, if you are sticking with us just because you could brag later, don’t. Just take the money you saved for the new instrument and better throw them into a river than this.
But if you only want to feed your curiosity or challenge yourself a bit, then we will be happy to help. Insider Monkey consulted several sites and reviews, and taking the all the features into consideration, they managed to compile the list of 7 hardest instruments to play. So check it out and take a challenge. Good luck with it!