Which Is the Highest Paying City for Dentists?


A toothache is the worst pain ever. I have had my leg and arm broken at the same time, but I almost committed a suicide after my tooth wouldn’t stop hurting. Yes, surgeons save many lifes in just one day, but although you might think that their job is much higher on the ladder of the most important jobs, dentists are actually not that far behind. So which city appreciates their dentist the most? And by that, we were speaking about financial appreciation. So which is the highest paying city for dentists?

Many dentists hold their own private clinics or are one of five employees in some private clinic. Like in the rest of the world, people prefer private dentists instead of the ones working in the hospitals for some reason. According to the report done by Bureau of Labor Statistics, only in the US were 151,500 dentists in 2014. In their report also stands that the average annual wage per hour was $76.11, which is about $158,310 per a year. But let’s take a deeper look and try to find some city that provides over $80 per an hour. To do that, Insider Monkey’s research team consulted many sites and official reports and compiled the list of 11 highest paying cities for dentists. Their list also provides the average annual wage, as well as the entry level salary and the number of employees. So, if you have chosen your professional path to be oral care, take a look at their list and find the perfect new place for yourself.