If you are a James Bond fan who obsesses over every detail of the different Bond movies, you must have thought which James Bond actors were the most successful.

James Bond saw daylight when the first novel, Casino Royale was published in 1953. Since then, this mysterious British spy has enthralled the readers with his heroic exploits all over the globe. This popularity resulted in a very successful movie series with multiple famous movie stars portraying the character in different movies. As the James Bond character is very complicated because of the dangerous activities, secret missions, romantic connections, the different actors made the character their own in their unique ways and ensured that almost every portrayal showcased different traits of Mr. Bond. That is why it is quite tough to differentiate between the actors.

But the top Bond actors can be identified by the number of movies they did and the earnings the movies received on average. Sean Connery is called the ultimate Bond because of the charisma he brought to the screen. His six Bond movies managed to earn more than $2 billion in total which means the average earning was around $360 million. The list of other prominent actors include Daniel Craig who has brought in a seriousness and emotional side not seen before. Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore’s Bond was known for being witty and charming. George Lazenby’s Bond received mixed reviews but did great business. And Timothy Dalton did a darker and more serious portrayal of the iconic character.

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