Which Job Should You Apply For if You Like Traveling?


Usually, when you are looking for a job, the only ones available are the ones on the inside, whether it is some office, or boutique, coffee shop, or freelancing. But what if you are too free-spirited to sit in the office for a whole day steering at the sealing or going through papers until the shift ends? Would you rather settle down with it or check out jobs you should apply for if you like traveling?

Nowadays, everything is possible. You can sit in your room and talk to people from the other side of the world. If this is possible, then it is obvious that taking your job in other countries should be possible too. Of course, if you have some historical and geographical knowledge, you can always work as a tour guide. You will travel, meet all the beautiful places, and share your knowledge with the travelers and, best of all, being paid to enjoy it. But you don’t have to settle for the bus rides that will take you the whole tour in the bus and see the beauties only at the breaks. Instead, you can apply as a cruise ship guide or every other service that cruiser has to offer. Want to know all the benefits? First of all, the salary that you can expect is about $3,500. All that money remains in your pocket since you will have the free room and accommodation, free meals and travel insurance. The only places that you will be spending your money will be, again, breaks, but each time the next luxury country and the next prestigious city since no one who can afford traveling by cruiser will settle down with going to the farmer’s market.

If you are sea sick, don’t be alarmed. Fortunately for you, when Insider Monkey’s research team started this topic, they didn’t allow themselves to stay on only one job. Instead, they took a high road and that’s how they compiled a list of 10 best summer jobs where you get to travel. Many of them are just around the corner, waiting for you to apply and fly t a better life.