Which Job Should You Choose if You Want To Avoid Contact With People?


As much as 99% of us love the job that we are doing, how many of us thought about changing the career because we couldn’t stand some people from our environment? Imagine your perfect morning, with a strong cup of cup of coffee, morning sunshine and clean air, friendly neighbors waiting to greet you on your way to work and when you arrive at your office…puff!! It all disappears. Whether it’s your boss, or a nervous client, or an incapable co-worker, but you are already thinking which job should you choose if you want to avoid contact with people?

The benefits of working in a team are brainstorming together and picking each other’s brains. No matter how good you are at your job, there will always be some small constructive criticism that can make your proposal even better and more productive. Sometimes, all you need is a guideline and sometimes, some small changes, such as better expression or a design, but it turns out even better than you could imagine.

On the other hand, team=work is just that. Team. You can never individually express your thoughts and, even if you do, what’s important is the voice of the majority.  There are very small chances that you step out from the crowd in the eyes of your boss while working in a team since bosses usually look at the results, not the whole process.

And that’s the other thing, your boss. You can find perfect job by your opinion, good benefits, health care and the opportunity to develop, but the only thing that stands in your way is your boss.  You may stick to the one that stands for the old system and refuses every innovation that anyone suggests. Or you may have the undetermined one, who can’t even make a decision about the office furniture, but the whole product.

And the worst ones are the customers. From the entry throughout the whole process, you have to have patience and kneel all the time because everyone says that customers are always right. But they are not, indeed. That is just an expression, so the customers would buy more and more products, and the owners would get more and more money. In a meantime, you are the one who has to change the product for the hundredth time, be yelled at and stay up late just to finish something they wouldn’t probably be satisfied with after all.

So, if you are done with all of this, check out the list of 11 best-paying jobs where you don’t have to deal with people.


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