If you have an innovative idea in your head and need funding, you should know which Kickstarter categories successfully receive funds more often.

In the earlier times, launching innovative ideas was restricted to companies because individuals did not have sufficient capital. Often people would come up with brilliant ideas but they would not see the light of day. But with the progress and improvement of internet, crowdfunding has become very accessible and common. Kickstarter is the biggest such online crowdfunding platform and it has already managed to facilitate the launch of many brilliant, innovative ideas. Here, innovators can pitch their ideas and also showcase their prototypes, and if people like what they see, they donate to the cause. In the initial stages, there were many projects that were thought to be very promising, but they failed to get launched because of faulty development stages. Now, the donors can keep in contact with the innovators to get updates on the development.

A good reason to donate to these projects is to be one of the early users of the finished product. Usually they receive a copy of the product along with some freebies based on the amount of their contribution. The best way to attract more investment is to offer a product or service that people want. So, how much a project will receive depends a lot on the attractiveness of the offerings. And we can see that home equipment, toys and games, multi-purpose clothing and accessories, video games and technological gadgets are the products that dominate the top 100 ideas that have received the most amount of money.

If you want to know more about these categories or your idea falls into one of them, take a look at Insider Monkey’s 7 Most Successful Kickstarter Categories to Fund Your Project for more information.