German is a very strong and deep language and, even when Germans ask how you are doing, you get the feeling that there is a revolution rising from the ashes. This is why many people in the world avoid speaking with Germans in their mother tongue and instead choose the English for communication. But which language is even harder to listen than German?
Personally, I love the German language. And I love Germans. I love Germany in general. But many people out there don’t share my passion and, given all circumstances, that is highly reasonable.
On the other hand, the majority of people from all around the globe are speaking English fluently and most of them like the language itself. I don’t know if it is because they are used to hearing it all the time by every media and everywhere they go or is it because of the fact that most popular songs in the world are in English or maybe it is simply pleasant to ear.
I am a polyglot and I speak 4 languages fluently, including several languages that I understand half through. The other half is made up of gestures or mimes or pantomimes, or whatever else works to that point. During my education, I always choose English and German as my majors because of two reasons: the first one is because I am so turned on when someone starts speaking, and the second reason is because I believe that they have potential and that I will, along with them, have the potential to jump high in both my professional and personal life.
On the other hand, I am not a fan of Romanian languages at all and when I hear someone speaking Italian or French, I have a feeling that I would rather hang myself than having to listen to one more sentence. No offense to anyone. There are people who don’t share my opinion and that is also completely fine.
But what about Reddit readers? Have you ever gone on the Reddit and look for someone else’s opinion? If you didn’t, we certainly did and, according to them, these are 10 most annoying languages to listen to someone speak.