Which magicians are the most successful of all time?


If you are fascinated by magic, you should know which magicians are the most successful of all time.

It does not matter whether you are young or old, you are sure to be surprised by a good magic trick. It is one of the arts that requires a lot of patience, training and most important of all, secrecy. As magic tricks are most often based on sleight of hand or power of distraction or persuasion, magicians usually stay very secretive of their tricks. But once they perfect a unique trick, they can repeatedly do this to the same audience and people will still come back to be amazed.

If we are to name the most successful magicians throughout time, we must mention a few people. Harry Blackstone Sr. is one such person because of the career he had. At one point of his more than sixty year career, he performed for the US soldiers in the Second World War and this made him very dear to people. We also must acknowledge duos like Seigfried and Roy and Penn and Teller, who brought in their unique blend of magic to people. While the first duo mixed magic with stunts, the latter duo mixed comedy and magic together to amaze the crowd. In recent times, we can see a lot of popularity for Criss Angel and David Blaine. Blaine also periodically risks his life performing activities that test the limits of human endurance. But the best of them all are undoubtedly Harry Houdini and David Copperfield. You can write books talking about their tricks and exploits.

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