Which mall kiosk businesses are the most profitable?


If you have noticed the different kiosks at different malls and wondered why there are so many, you need to know which mall kiosk businesses are the most profitable.

With time, a wider variety of products have reached customers and shopping malls have become more and more popular. As a result, shop rents shot up really high based on location and size. That is when mall kiosks became a good alternative for shops because you did not need to spend that much for rent or décor. These small shops can be positioned at any location inside a mall and they can offer quite an interesting assortment of things. But a few product categories have attracted the most number of people and they are usually the most profitable.

Kiosks try to pull customers by enticing them into impulse purchases. For example, massage services and/or products can attract lots of weary shoppers. If you can offer different types of sweet or savory treats, people will stop to check them out and buy at least one item because you simply cannot ignore these things when you are strolling inside the mall. Customizable products, gift items and toys are a great hit in areas where there are tourists who want to purchase souvenirs of the trip. You can also offer accessories such as wallets, e-cigarettes, belts, make-up items, clothing items which will surely attract people from all genders and you can become quite renowned for your products. Often times, properly positioned eye wear kiosks will sell lots of sunglasses. You can also sell household items and tools which often slip people’s mind while making a shopping list. They may also buy these products simply because they looked good.

Kiosks can be quite profitable if they launched with proper planning. If you want to know about the most profitable ideas, check out Insider Monkey’s 11 Most Profitable Mall Kiosk Business Ideas for more information.