How much are men obsessed with fashion and brand clothes? Well, let’s take a look at men’s shirt brands that are most sold worldwide and find the answer to our question.

Men having two shelves in a whole wardrobe while their wives use all the rest of them including the hangers and their husband’s sock drawers are just stories to be told. It is also said that women have at least 5 dresses in their wardrobe and at least 10 pairs of shoes that they never wear, while men only have pieces of clothes and shoes that are necessary every day and they wear them all until they are ready to be thrown away. Each man will say that their wife often complains how she doesn’t have anything to wear while standing in front of the overfilled wardrobe while they only get out of the bed, take the nearest piece of clothes and they are ready for every occasion. Well, take a word from the first hand: they are all liars.

Men are obsessed with clothes as much as women, but they just don’t talk about it that often. But hang out with the specific group of guys for a while and you will see it very soon. Soon, they will start talking about the sneakers they saw for a big amount of money, but are eager to buy them. Some of them, like my friend, have the same brand, the same type, just 4 different colored sneakers and he changes them every day. Some men are obsessed with shirts. Not because they want to look too formal, but because they feel comfortable wearing them. They take a t-shirt under it and wear them every time they walk outside.

Women are not the only ones that stop in front of the show-window every time they are strolling and not the only ones that are willing to give up their whole salaries to look as beautiful they can, while men only want the full fridge of beer just because shopping makes them less masculine. Making efforts to look nice isn’t just the characteristic of gay people, but all of the self-aware people and that means both men and women of all age. To prove that point, Insider Monkey has a list of top 10 best selling men’s shirt brands in the world.