Music is a part of our lives and everyone should know which musical artists are the most successful of all time.
Success can be identified by many different things. And success in music is quite subjective because of all the different genres that are available. Often we can witness heated arguments between music lovers of two different types. But still there are some objective features that help to narrow down the list quite effectively.

Popularity tends to guide musicians to success, even though that may not be true for every single artist. If you were popular, people would have spent money to purchase original records. In the present day, the music stores may have shifted to digital platforms, but still we see that music lovers spend money on legally downloading music of their favorite artists. Also, the popularity of single tracks would take them to Billboard’s top 100 lists and that is another way of knowing which artists are creating beautiful songs.

Throughout time, many artists have tried to immortalize themselves by reaching the peak of success as musical artists. So, the members of the top 10 are true legends to have been able to make the cut. It is interesting to see the presence of only two bands in that list, but neither of them need any additional introduction because they are “The Rolling Stones” and “The Beatles”. The other members include the insanely gifted Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Whitney Houston, talented pop divas like Madonna and Mariah Carey, the Jackson siblings – Michael and Janet, and most definitely the king of rock Elvis Presley.

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