Netflix is becoming more and more famous for their original creations and we should know why Netflix originals are the most successful.

Even though Netflix started off as a video streaming platform, the increase in popularity encouraged them to start producing their own content. Currently they have more 100 original movie and TV shows. To keep things interesting, they periodically remove older content and replace them with newer content.

Netflix has also been very bold about the shows they have created. Sense8 has been important in pushing forward ideas that are not talked about that much. It has received positive criticism and won some awards. Lady Dynamite and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt portray two strong, independent women in the lead roles. “W/ Bob and David” and “Master of None” are solid comedy shows that portray real life problems in satirical fashion. The Marvel comic fans will be very happy to see “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”. The strong cast, good storyline and great direction have meant that these two Marvel characters are very highly popular. BoJack Horsemand is the best animation for people of all ages. It also talks about the inefficiencies of the current world in a satirical way. Narcos follows the story of the infamous Pablo Escobar, one of world’s most notorious drug boss. This show has also received many nominations. “House of Cards” have been able to show the dirty side of politics and the writers may have foretold the current US condition through the series’ story. But we have to give the top rank to “Orange is the New Black”. Set inside a prison for female criminals, the series deals with what problems happen while running a prison.

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