Which ones are the best history documentaries on Amazon Prime?


Knowing about the world history can help you understand a lot of different things around you know and that is why you should know which ones are the best history documentaries on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime can be very proud of the collection it has, but a few documentaries stand out because of the incidents they cover and also the way the story is told. If the story involves historical moments that out-date video cameras, then they would be dramatized for maximum impact. Documentaries on recent history will usually use old footage to give us a glimpse of those periods. Use of animated characters has recently become popular too because it provides a refreshing depiction of the stories. If you want to watch great, insightful documentaries that cover recent incidents, “Trouble the Water” will show you survivors’ accounts about Hurricane Katrina. They talk about the harrowing memories of that time and also show inefficiencies by the administration in reducing loss. “Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire” takes you back to centuries to show you how Japan had progressed through the years following their unique ways of life. Another brilliant documentary, “Swimming in Auschwitz”, will tell you the experience of six Holocaust survivors who had to swim in turbulent situations on their way to safety. “Misa’s Fugue” is another emotion-filled documentary about another Holocaust survivor who recalls the strong memories of that time and how he tries to move on with the help of music and art. You can also try out “How we played the Revolution” which shows how a rebellion through cultural elements in Lithuania led to a struggle for independence.

The world is full of interesting stories. If you want to check out other beautiful history related documentaries available on Amazon Prime, go ahead and can pick one from Insider Monkey’s list of 11 Best History Documentaries on Amazon Prime Right Now.