If you are in the mood to try out your singing skills in the comfort of your home, you should know which ones are the best karaoke apps of 2016 for iOS and Android.

The first instance of Karaoke machine is found back in 1971 when a Japanese drummer saw the demand of recorded performances for the audience to sing along. He then created a tape-recorder type device which could play songs. Now with the advancement of technology, karaoke system has followed every other system to find its place inside smartphones as apps. This has helped people to test their knowledge of songs and add energy to an otherwise dull party. The record option also allows people to check out their capabilities too. There are quite a lot of karaoke apps in iTunes and Google Play. But only a few of them are really good enough for you to spend time downloading and using them.

Karaoke Anywhere is an acceptable app which has a good collection and allows you to stream around 5,000 songs and purchase from another list of 40,000 songs. Smule app is actually quite popular because it allows you to sing duets with some really popular music stars. The singers pre-record their portions and the app users can sing their portions and record the performance. StarMaker allows you to add audio effects to your songs. It even auto-tunes wherever necessary. The best option is Red Karaoke which gives you all the features available in other apps and also allows the app to sync with smart TVs to give you a complete karaoke experience.

Karaoke is a really good source of entertainment if you are into music. If you want to check out the different karaoke apps, take a peek at Insider Monkey’s list of 5 Best Karaoke Apps for iPhone and Android 2016 to know more.