Not all motorcycles are created equal and that is why you need to know which ones are the best-selling motorcycles of all time.

The journey of motorcycles started back in 1867 when Sylvester Howard Roper first made a two wheeler with a coal-powered steam engine. Since then, motorcycles have been instrumental in human history. It has been very vital during the world wars for communication. It has been turned into a lifestyle icon and it is being used for competitive sports too. Some manufacturers have weathered all the ups and downs in the motorcycle industry and they are the ones who dominate the regional or global markets.

The Piaggio Group and its Vespas are true icons. Originally known as only MP6, this scooter has seen 18 million units being sold in the past 70 years. The group manufacturers motorcycles under their Aprilla, Gilera and Motto Guzzi brand names. KTM has to be the king of sports bikes. Motorcycles made by this company have been constantly outperforming other bikes. It is so dominant that KTM bikes managed to win Dakar Rally back to back 15 times. BMW Motorrad has been Germany’s finest motorcycle makers since the 1920s. Then we have the Harley Davidsons. Known for the cult identify this brand has, owning one such bike means you sign up for a unique lifestyle. Triumph and Indian are two other brands who have made their own impression in the history of motorcycle production. Last but not the least, we can never forget the Japanese brands – Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda. Honda has been such an excellent motorcycle maker that people of some countries have actually started to call any motorcycle a Honda.

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