If you want to understand the global political scenario, you should know which ones are the biggest dictator ruled countries.

There is a big misconception about dictatorship. The term actually tries to focus on the way a country is ruled, rather than who rules it. So, if either an individual ruler or a political party comes into power and then holds on to it unethically or illegally, it will be a dictatorship. The problem with dictatorial regimes is the way they try to clamp down on the general population to gather power. There will be reports on infringing on rights, reducing press freedom and manipulating laws. They may even alter parts of the constitution to validate their positions. Most of these leaders take advantage of a power vacuum following an uprising against another faulty regime and become the same people they had replaced. We can take the example of Saudi Arabia which grants limitless power to the al-Saud family and they really do not like opponents of their ideas. The heads of states of Algeria, Republic of Sudan, Congo and Vietnam may have won democratic elections multiple times, but all the elections have been marred by claims of rigging and voter suppression. Then we have countries like China, which operates on a one-party system, meaning that party decides who will govern the country. Iran has a democratic system, but it can be overruled by the Grand Ayatollah and his selected Guardian Council members. And we also have countries like Egypt and Thailand whose current heads of states have come into power through a military coup and are creating ways to hold onto power.

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