Which ones are the coolest Android apps of 2016?


The Google Play store is filled with so many apps available for download and if you are looking to pick some, you need to know which ones are the coolest Android apps of 2016.

With more than 2 million apps to choose from, it can be quite tricky to pick the most useful ones. When you purchase a new Android smartphone, it comes with a very basic list of apps and you can make your life very comfortable if you get the right set of apps.

Microsoft has been very generous to release the Office Suite for free. You can create and edit files with Powerpoint, Excel or Word and store them onto Onedrive. Google Now and Maps are excellent tools for you to search anything on the internet or any place in the real world. Google Photos and Drive will let you instantly back anything up in the cloud. Android being a Google product itself, you can rest assured that other Google apps will be performing very reliably on your device. You can also get Spotify, a music tool that will allow you to play tracks from an insanely huge library of songs. And Duolingo will help you to be multi-lingual from the comfort of your home with a milestone driven mechanism. And this is not just a vocabulary bank. With this app, you can practice everything – listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you need to type a lot on your phone every day, you can also check out SwiftKey which helps you type words by swiping. The intelligent AI will also learn from your habits and give you good word suggestions to make your life easier.

There are quite a few other cool apps in the app store and if you want to check them out, take a look at Insider Monkey’s list of 11 Coolest Android Apps of 2016 to know more.