Cyber crimes are on the rise and to protect yourself from harm, you should know which ones are the easiest ways to hack a Facebook account.

People are growing more and more attached to their social networking life. A lot of people spend quite a high amount of time online interacting with friends and family. Facebook has become such a common part of our life that our identity gets attached to the Facebook profile we create. So, any attack on your account and resultant misuse by miscreants can greatly harm your life. So, we need to protect ourselves from such cyber-attacks. Phishing may seem to be an old method to trick someone online, but it is still quite effective. Hackers can create a fake Facebook interface and trick you into filling out your login information on that. Then they can take control of your account. Social engineering is another trick that is used. A hacker will try to get sensitive information for the target because people tend to make passwords or security questions that they will be able to remember in future, and so they end up using important names or dates. Once a hacker senses the possible answers, they can narrow down their options and find the correct password through some trial and error. They can also use the social engineering information to reset the password without the knowledge of the account holder. The other possible techniques are using a hacking USB which automatically goes through browser activity to find saved passwords and a keylogging malware which tracks all the keystrokes and sends the data to a designated address.

You can never know who may go after your information. It even can be your friend. So, you should also take a look at Insider Monkey’s list of 5 Easiest Ways To Hack Your Friend’s Facebook Account to know more and protect yourself better.