Which ones are the highest paying states for OBGYNs?


If you are a professional in the discipline of obstetrics and gynecology, you must have wondered which ones are the highest paying states for OBGYNs. Even if you are highly dedicated to people’s welfare, you should also be remunerated appropriately for the service you are giving.

Obstetricians and gynecologists are specialized in taking care of pregnant mothers before and during childbirth and solving complications related to the female reproductive system. But they are not employed only in hospitals. Many OBGYNs are working in outpatient facilities and even academic institutions. The average annual salary for this profession is much above the average for general physicians. You can earn $222,400 on average and if you are really good, you can even earn over $300,000.

The best way to get information on which state pays how much is to look at the data made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Government. You can find the average salaries for most of the cities and it is possible to estimate the total compensation package from these numbers. According to the available information, Maine ranks the highest with an annual average salary of $279,390. It means the hourly income of an OBGYN in that state is $134.32 which is quite respectable. Getting employment in even the 10th or the 11th highest paying state can give you more than $253,000 annually.

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