Whenever you hear a song which irritated you a lot, you start thinking which ones are the most annoying songs of all time.

A song can be considered annoying for a lot of different reasons. Some are nonsensical and some other are so repetitive that you want to kill yourself. Some songs can become annoying because of the viral popularity they get. A viral song will get played all around you and even if you like a song, it can become overplayed and over-popular for your liking.

Based on people’s feedback, a few songs will pop up if we want to list down the most annoying songs. Harlem Shake makes itself quite unbearable because of the overly repetitive tune. Gangnam Style has also hit a few nerves of the music listeners because it got played so many times all around them. On the other side, “Crazy Frog” was a creation of Jamba! as a ringtone, but the result of the hybrid of “Axl F” and “Crazy Frog” was impossible to tolerate after you have heard it a few times. Another song that comes to our mind is “Barbie Girl” from the band Aqua. Though the tune is catchy, the extreme popularity meant that it got played indiscriminately. And the main vocal’s nasal voice stops sounding nice after you listen to it a few times. Two of the top most annoying songs has to be “Friday” by Rebecca Black and “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas. Both had quite nonsensical lyrics which irked the listeners a lot. And the repetitiveness on top of that makes you want to flee the world after these songs start.

You may get annoyed by different songs for different reasons. But you can check Insider Monkey’s 11 Most Annoying Songs of All Time to find out which songs from your list are also in other people’s list.