Which ones are the most evil serial killers of all time?


Once you know which ones are the most evil serial killers of all time and their deeds, you will realize how low human beings can go.

It is often inconceivable that one human being will take the life of another human. But serial killers somehow step over that line of sensibility. The scary thing is these killers are often quite well-functioning members of the society and you will never get a hint about what they do with their brain. It is such a waste that they use their intelligence to either lure victims to their deaths or avoid getting caught by the law enforcers. We can only wonder about the positive ways they or their victims could have contributed to the society.

John Wayne used to work as a clown and used his profession to capture teenage kids, sexually assault them and kill them. He got caught and was sentenced to death after confessing to 33 murders. A delusional Richard Chase of Sacramento killed six individuals, and consumed their blood and internal organ simply in attempts of making himself immune against Nazi attempts of poisoning him. Elizabeth Bathory also apparently killed to protect herself from dying. But killing nearly 600 virgin girls and bathing in their blood to keep herself forever beautiful sounds like a story that should not be someone’s nightmare even. But she did these killings in real life in a 25 year span. But the most diabolical of them all is Charles Manson. He created a cult with around 100 blind followers and went to Roman Polanski’s house and brutally stabbed his pregnant wife and 5 other friends and family members to death. The next day he went to another house and repeated his vile actions.

The world is sadly full of these stories. Take a look at Insider Monkey’s 9 Most Evil Serial Killers Ever and maybe you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of one such deranged human.