Which ones are the most famous paintings of all time?


A lot of famous artists may have created a lot of paintings, but you should know which ones are the most famous paintings of all time.

Art is a sophisticated way to display human experiences and emotions. The complex use of color and patterns can create a unique depiction of how people see the world around them. Some of the painting and their artists have received so much global fame that many of these artworks can fetch an auction price of millions of US dollars. The “A Friend in Need” painting by C.M. Coolidge is iconic because of the way human activities have been symbolized through dogs playing poker. Katsushika Hokusai’s “Under the Wave off Kanagawa”, or better known as “The Great Wave”, is a good example of intelligent use of color and element positioning to create a breathtaking landscape. “American Gothic” of Grant Wood has risen to monumental fame quite surprisingly, mainly because of the realism and simplicity in the characters and environment in the painting. Pablo Picasso has also made a position for his creations in the most famous list because of the deep messages his paintings conveyed. His “Guernica”, a painting depicting Hitler’s bombing and massacre of a village with the same name, is one of the most prominent anti-war paintings. Also, on the list we have unforgettable creations of Vincent Van Gogh. The brilliant painter may not have received his due credits while he was alive, but his “Starry Night” and “Self-Portrait Without Beard” are great examples of his creative mind. All of his paintings, and especially these two, have stayed critically acclaimed through generations. And we will always be mesmerized by “Mona Lisa” of Leonardo Da Vinci.

You will always be awestruck by these paintings and Insider Monkey has compiled a brilliant list with such paintings in their list of 25 Most Famous Paintings in the World. Make sure to check them out!