Each year we see new unique toys getting introduced to the market and today we help you know which ones were the hottest toys of 2016.

There was once a time when people used to think toys are only for children. But with the introduction of model cars, action figures or miniature models of popular characters, gadgets and, complex LEGO sets means that there are toys suitable for people of all ages. And so during every holiday season, we can witness the boom in sales of toys. 2016 had seen a similar rise in popularity of some toys.

“Hatchimal”, “Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall” and “My Dream Puppy” will definitely help you to own a pet without worrying about training the animal etiquette. Equipped with different cool features, these toys will interact with your kids and keep them occupied quite effectively. You can also help your kids create their own shopping world with “Shopkins” figures and play sets. We can also see different gadgets and accessories popping up into popularity. For example “Selfie Mic” adds a microphone and earpiece to the standard selfie stick and allows kids to try out the life of a musical superstar. “VTech Kidzoom DX” is an inexpensive smartwatch that comes loaded with educational and fun games for young kids. On the other hand, “Razor Hovertrax 2.0” and drones can keep the gadget-freak kids and adults quite happy for a prolonged period of time. And if you are a collector, make sure you have checked out the Star Wars items and Funko’s Pop! Figures.

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