Since the internet has developed, people became able to find literally anything they can think of and download it on their PC and later on Smartphone which is why the value of recorded CDs, DVD’s and games has decreased. Besides the developers, no one actually cares, right? Wrong! There are actually people willing to give a fortune in order to get some of the unique copies of the games even though they can easily download it with just a few clicks on their web browser. Having that said, the most obvious question is: which original games’ copies are hardest to find?

Game developers can easily make a fortune by releasing video games for both PC and Smartphones. The highest-grossing video games of all time make few billion dollars and have been downloaded more than 50 million times. On top of the list is, of course, the World of Warcraft which had attracted over 12 million subscribers by 2012.and the official revenue is $9.23 billion. Not bad, huh?

On the other hand, besides the online games, Android and iOS game developers offer free offline games for Android and iPhone users so you can enjoy games like Despicable Me without WiFi or any other internet network in your spare time.

But how to find the only known copy of Nintendo Campus Challenge? First of all, look at your bank account. Look at your incomes and your savings. And now try to answer me a question: would you be able to spend $14,000 for this cartridge? As impossible as it seems, this cartridge was sold two times. First time for $14,000 and the second owner resold it later on eBay for $6,000 more than he had spent. Giving that said, we can conclude that Nintendo Campus Challenge is the rarest and among the most expensive game copies ever. If you noticed, I have said ‘’among the most expensive’’. Top price for any game ever was actually two times bigger than the one for Nintendo Campus Challenge and the trophy of the most expensive game ever goes to Stadium Events. Having both known copies sold for more than $30,000, made even on the top of most expensive box sold for $10,000.

Giving all of this said, you now have the opportunity to check out 7 rarest most expensive video games in the world. After reading it, check out your attic. There may be some copy from our list that actually is in your position that you weren’t aware of.