Which places are best to retire in Vermont?


If you want a good balance of peace and entertainment, you should start to think which places are best to retire in Vermont. This state has quite a few things to be proud of – having the second lowest population among all states of the USA, a rich history and a great cultural diversity. You are sure to fall in love with Vermont. And if maple syrup is a staple in your daily menu, you do not need to look beyond this place.

Quite a few things usually come to mind while looking for a good place to retire. Among other things, you tend to think of health care and availability of physicians, crime rates and safety, weather and living cost. You also try to find out whether other retirees also like the place. If we look at Vermont’s performance on these metrics, we can see that it may miss the mark slightly on the weather because of the hot summers and cold winters, but it surely can boast of the comparatively very low crime rate, good education system, great entertainment opportunities and great healthcare system. The average cost of living may seem higher than the country average, but still you will find places like St. Johnsbury, which are actually cheaper than other parts of the country. And the state has a healthy share of people on or over 65.

Different parts of Vermont can offer different unique things for everyone. On one hand, St. Albans has become a legend for everything related to maple syrup. On the other hand, places like Middlebury and Essex Junction will be a heaven for music and art lovers. You can also find natural peace by nestling in Brattleboro, South Burlington or St. Johnsbury.

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