Which Poems Every Child Should Know?


Every year there are dozens new songs and poems for kids to get entertained and learn some new stuff that will be important in their further life. But there are some classic poems that never got old and will never lose their sense and importance and these are the poems that every child should know.

My son loves when I recite ‘’To a Mouse’’, by Robert Burns. Of course, he has no idea that there are lots of other children out there listening to their moms saying the exact same song and, for some reason, he believes that I am the author of it. It might be because I couldn’t remember the worlds well for the first few times and it might look like to him that I was trying to find the right words to compile this poem only for him. Since he is too young, I decided to let him go with it. He was so proud and I wasn’t going to lose that feeling. The perk was that his teachers in kindergarten weren’t mentioned this poem ever and that the other kids also didn’t know it when he talked about it. For some reason, their parents obviously forgot to mention this classic, but it is their loss and my gain. My son is so proud now when his teacher recites it because he believes that I had that much influence. I will wait until he is a bit older to reveal the secret to him, but for now, he can enjoy it. I like this poem because it isn’t just a regular cute-baby-lullaby. It makes children think and try to understand other living creatures. That they are not meant to be scared away or killed because of our own fears. That they are afraid of us just as much we are afraid of them. But just like they aren’t on our way, we should let them be on their own without interrupting them. This doesn’t mean that children should be allowed to live with rats, but at least they can leave them alone when they spot some of them in the field.

But the problem I had with this poem was that it was the only poem that I could remember. Luckily for me, Insider Monkey’s research team compiled a list of 9 classic poems for children to memorize and we can all pick their brains a bit. So check them out and you might end up being a creative hero to your child just like I am to mine.