If you are one of the more excited fans of Pokémon Go and want to catch them all, you need to know which Pokémon characters are the most annoying ones to catch.

Almost from the first second of Pokémon Go’s launch, excited Pokémon masters have rushed to the streets and parks in an attempt to catch all possible Pokémon no matter what. But among the total 151 Pokémon, a few are restricted geographically, meaning they can be found only in specific continents. So, without the plan or resources to be a globetrotter, you cannot actually catch them all. But a bigger problem arises when you try to catch the ones that are nearby. As no one wants to waste Poké Balls, regularly coming across hard to catch or somewhat useless Pokémon is very frustrating. Among these types of Pokémon, a few truly stand out. Abra and Growlithe will give you a hard time because of the low capture rate and very high flee rate. So, you will either end up throwing countless balls to these to no avail or they will flee from you after the first failed attempt. Either scenario will be equally capable in frustrating you. On the other hand, Pokémon like Ratata, Zubat, Magikarp and Pidgey will show up so many times in front of you that you will start to think they are haunting you. Even though catching enough Magikarp and evolving them to Gyrados can be satisfying, but the amount of time, effort, storage space and Poké Ball that may go behind these will ensure that you are very annoyed.

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