Which Political Movie Is ‘’Must Watch’’ Movie?


If you are a fan of conspiracy theory movies like I am, you should definitely proceed with this article where we will reveal which political movie is the ‘’Must Watch’’ movie.

There is at least one movie of every politician, every conspiracy theory, and even every political scandal did in the history, but they are not all suggested to watch, as you will probably lose those two hours for nothing. Although documentaries are made to reveal the truth, or at least discuss all the research, recorded documents, and proofs, and the statements of the eyewitnesses, many screenwriters are, like everyone else in this industry, likely to be paid off to say and film only the facts someone with the higher rank told them to. On the other hand, every country has its own story about every war it participated in, which is why many history textbooks present only the facts that are in advance of their country, which is why we all have different insight in what actually happened a few decades ago. But after at least a century, when there is no one to be affected by statements about these events, all the real information are gathered and the truth is finally revealed. On the other hand, there are screenwriters that don’t pay attention to the consequences they will cause and are bold enough to go against the system with their art. To be honest, that is what the art is actually all about. Some of them are not pointing fingers directly, but their metaphors are too obvious to be misunderstood. Giving that said, we want to present 11 best political movies on Netflix in 2017 that you must watch. Be sure you don’t miss out any of them, as you will definitely regret it sooner or later.