Which races are the most educated in USA?


The United States of America is known for the cultural diversity and so, you should know which races are the most educated in USA.

The country spends quite a lot of money on education and it can be proud to have quite a few of the most prominent universities of the world. Education is usually considered to be important in the US society and that is why, more and more initiatives are being taken to get more kids into schools and gradually retaining them through universities. National Centre for Education Statistics or NCES conducts regular surveys into the education trends for different racial communities.

Alaska Natives or American Indians are lagging behind the most with only 1% of their population enrolling in schools. Even though the completion and admission rates in the other levels have improved, the basic enrollment rate is a cause of concern. African Americans are trying to break through the societal disenfranchisement they have faced in the past. With a current enrollment rate of 16% within this community, more emphasis is needed to give more of the African American population better education. Native Hawaiians are doing well in education with 99% high school completion rate. College and university graduation rate within this community is laudable too. The multi-racials and whites are neck to neck in academic performances. Even though a majority of whites enrolls for primary or secondary education, the high school completion, college enrollment and post-college graduation rates are quite similar. But the frontrunners are the Asians with excellent records for high school, college and university levels.

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