Which RPG Game Can Be Played Without Wi-Fi?


As you may notice, the number of games that require the Wi-Fi connection has increased and due to that, we wanted to explore and find which RPG game can be played without Wi-Fi.

Earlier, you needed Wi-Fi connection only to download and install the new game, and the rest was on you. You could also turn on the multiplayer and play games online with people all around the world, Hold‘em Poker, but most of the games didn’t require any access to the internet. But most of the games smartphone users play nowadays require either Wi-Fi or internet data, which means that most of them can’t be played outside unless you are willing to give your annual salary on one mobile bill.

And what do most of the games require the internet connection? Well, due to the fact that most of the games are free to download, game developers had to find a way to make their game pay off. Due to that, in-app purchases and ads came in handy. But this works only if the advertisers gain some willing or not audience because of the game. And how would you access to some of the advertised website or the new app if you don’t have the internet connection? On the other hand, if you want to avoid these commercials and spam after every other passed level of the game, game developers can help you not to see them anymore, but you still need to pay some money to do that.

I am honestly not willing to pay some money for the game. But, like you are also not willing to pay for any article I create. Still, I need to earn some money for this job and so do game developers. Due to that, they are finding any way their work can pay off for them. And if their game is multiple times downloaded and played, why wouldn’t they get some advantage of it? You have fun and they have money.

But still, if you want to play a game without in-app purchases, ads, or any type of Wi-Fi requirement and you are a fan of RPG games, Insider Monkey’s research team compiled a list of  11 best no Wi-Fi RPG games for Android.