Smartphones made our life much easier, but have you ever thought about which smartphones have the best battery life? We use smartphones every day for a bunch of things. To write messages, for Facebook for Intsagram for making pictures.

The best smartphone in the world isn’t worth much if you need to recharge it every few hours. LG G3 is one of the smartphones with the best battery life. The new LG G3 is packed with a heavy-duty replaceable battery that makes everything more convenient. This beautiful beast can last for two days without recharging it. Another smartphones with a very good battery is OnePlus One. Battery Capacity is 3,100 mAh. Who ever said that you can’t buy a smartphone with a great battery life for a lesser price, clearly haven’t heard of OnePlus . The last thing you want is for your phone to run out of juice when you need it most. Old cell phones had batteries that could last for three or two days. Now batteries on our cell phones can last maximum one day. Maybe because modern cell phones has applications, games and lot and lots of different interesting things to do with them. We love to spend time on our smartphones, we log in on Facebook every hour, check Instagram profile every day for ten times, or maybe more. So many people in their bags have a charger for cell phones, just in case. Look up almost any survey of mobile phone users today and you’ll find that battery life is the biggest concern. Even if battery life is generally improving, being able to carry extra batteries and swapping them to your liking is an advantage that is hard to give up. If you want to save your battery, one of the best ways is to turn off your push notifications. Also one more thing you can do is to change the display settings on your phone so that your screen time-out is at a lower setting.

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