If you are looking for a fast operating smartphone, you should know which smartphones have the best GPU.

In the simplest sense, Graphics Processing Unit or more commonly known GPU decides how quickly and smoothly things will show up on your screen. As people are becoming more and more depend on their phones, they use it for various reasons and install lots of apps. Developers are also working on creating lots of graphics-heavy apps for smartphones. But these apps cannot be used comfortably without good GPU performance.

GPUs need a power source to operate and the more power it will use, the more heat it will generate. And so, GPUs for phone have limited capacity because they need to gather power from the phone’s battery and, if they are not efficient, they will quickly drain the battery and overheat the phone. Currently, Qualcomm is known to have the best GPU chipset in the market with its Snapdragon 820 (Adreno530). So, the companies that have managed to fit this chip inside their products have phones with the best GPU. Snapdragon 820 is usually paired with a Quad-Core processor and put in the high end smartphones of the brands. All the top brands have a phone with Qualcomm’s GPU. Asus is represented by its Zenfone 3 Deluxe. Samsung has its Galaxy S7, and HTC has used the GPU in its flagship HTC 10. Motorola has used it in its Moto Z. LG’s G5 and Lenovo’s ZUK Z2 Pro can also be your choice if you want GPU. But the top two smartphones have to be One Plus 3 and Xiaomi Mi5 based on both GPU and overall performance.

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