Which smartphones have the best screen resolution?


Whenever people talk to you about the screen resolution of their smartphones, you must have wondered which smartphones have the best screen resolution.

As smartphone manufacturing companies continue to outshine their previously launched products, more and more focus will go towards screen resolution. Smartphone users are now all about watching movies, playing games or browsing on their phones and the image quality matters a lot. This image quality depends on two elements – number of pixels and pixels per inch or PPI. A screen is composed of many dots known as pixels and based on the ratio of horizontal and vertical pixel numbers, there can be screens of differing quality. HD and Full HD screens are quite common now and Quad HD and 4K quality screens are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. PPI values are important because of the different screen sizes of smartphones. If two phones have HD display but one has a 5 inch screen and the other one has 6 inch, the number of pixels per inch of the screen is lower for the second phone and thus it will have a poorer image quality. PPI value is usually kept around 300 because human eyes do not understand the difference that much for an even higher value. Based on the official announcement of specifications from different brands, the smartphone with the best screen resolution is Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium with a 2160 x 3840 screen resolution and 806 PPI.

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