Which smartphones have the best temperature sensors?


If you need to stay outdoors quite often and want to stay updated about the temperature using your smartphone, you must have looked for which smartphones have the best temperature sensors.

Not all smartphones can actually give you updates on the temperature of your environment. Most of the handsets usually have sensors which will give you readings about your phone’s performance and temperature. Even if you get tempted by the huge list of apps in app stores, be clear about the fact that even those apps will be of no use if your phone does not have the proper hardware beforehand. The required sensor needs to be placed in such a manner that will not be impacted by the internal temperature and if your phone does not have the sensor, no app can magically start to give you accurate temperature readings.

As this is a special feature that only a few customers look for, most of the smartphone brands do not take the hassle of putting in an environmental temperature sensor. But it is a common feature in the heavy duty, rugged phones. These types of smartphones are the perfect companions if you are an adventure lover because these phones tend to be water and dust proof. They also provide some other survival tools like compass, barometer, proximity sensors, etc. Less common brands like Casio, Snopow, Fujitsu, Bartec etc. target a niche market and they are manufacturing these handy phones.

If this has increased your love for adventure as you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone, take a look at Insider Monkey’s detailed analysis of 6 Smartphones with Temperature Sensors.