In the following article, we will answer the question: which state consumes the most ice cream per capita in America?

A child from Ghana and an old man from Pennsylvania live in two completely different realities, but the do may have something in common. This thing might have thousands of variations of flavour and shape and ingredients, but in the end, it has one name. An ice cream. A chocolate one or white with a chocolate filling or maybe nut filling, the one with the fruits or with crispy flakes, ice cream in the sugar cone, an ice cream on the brownies or with bananas and strawberries and wineberries, the pressed ice cream or maybe you like a soft-serving ice cream or mixed with milk cocktail. The delight that fits every taste and that is why a lot of people around the world like it so much. Are you expecting guests and don’t know what dessert to serve? You don’t need to fuss over, just bring out the ice cream. It takes a little time to serve it, and it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like an ice cream.

Some might say that an ice cream cannot be a universal dessert because who might want to eat it in winter? Well, there are plenty possibilities of serving it with something hot because an ice cream goes with almost everything. You can pour melted chocolate over it or add a couple of spoons of a white ice cream to a cup of coffee.

The Unites States of America is the seconds largest ice cream consumer in the world. So which state consumes the most ice cream per capita in America? I bet the answer will surprise you. To know it check the Insider Monkey’s article: 11 States That Consume the Most Ice Cream Per Capita.