Which State Has the Biggest Horse Population?


Horses are beautiful and noble creatures and they are great addition to every farm that is big enough to handle them. Many states understand the power horses have and many of them are making great efforts to produce as much horses as they can on their land. Would you like to know which state has the biggest horse population?

Horses are being produced for many different reasons. Some are trained for sports or races. Some of them are, on the other hand, meant to be used for labor. And there are the ones that end up just being beautiful and making someone’s day better. Some breeds are actually extremely expensive and their day care is much more extensive than someone’s baby’s.

As you may see, horse production industry is high developed, especially in Florida, California, and Texas. All of them are having a horse population over a half a million. At a second look, Texas actually has around a million horses, which is about 3.7 horses per a square mile. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since our first thoughts when someone mentions Texas are always cowboys racing on horseback through the Texas deserts.

As for California and Florida, although they are a bit far behind, their numbers are still impressive. Imagine having a million units of one breed all in one place. Impressive, right? And not to mention their attitude, grace, and beauty.
But they made their path on this list with different causes. While the horse production industry in Florida has help from the inside with the lack of taxes, horses are still used for races and sale. Both of these countries are making a lot of money out of this industry. It is estimated that Florida is earning about $3,2 billion every year on horses only, while California’s GDP’s biggest contributor is exactly horse production industry.

Besides these three, there are more states that have more than 200,000 horses on their property and are worth mentioning. To see the full and detailed list that contain all of them, check out Insider Monkey’s list of 10 states that produce the most horses in America.