If you are an animal lover and have chosen to be a veterinarian, you must have tried to look up which states offer the highest salary to veterinarians.

Among the more interesting professions to be in, being a veterinarian or vet in short is one that is in the upper end of the list. If you love being around animals and caring for them, you are in the perfect job. As a vet, you will get to know about a wide array of illnesses that sometimes impact specific animals and in other cases all animals. You can specialize in specific complications just like doctors for humans, but that requires a lot of other certification and training. Being a general physician for animals can be sufficiently rewarding too. The vets are represented by a single association and it requires everyone to take an oath before joining the profession.

On an average you can expect to earn around $99,000 per year. But top states can offer quite higher than the national average. For example, Virginia is 11th on the list, but still it offers around $108,000 annually which means you can get around $52 per hour. At the top we have Hawaii which offers nearly $200,000 per year or around $96 per hour and that is a very good amount of money for any profession. Hawaii is quite exceptional though and you can generally expect salaries in the range of $108,000 and $127,000 if you find a job in the highest paying states.

If you want to know more about the different states that pay veterinarians handsomely, take a look at Insider Monkey’s 11 Highest Paying States for Veterinarians for details on the highest paying states for vets.