Which states pay orthopedic surgeons the most?


As an orthopedic surgeon or someone who dreams of being one, you must have wondered which states pay orthopedic surgeons the most. Medical education is very expensive and tough and so everyone needs to know whether it will be worth the time dedicated for the studies and training.

Orthopedic surgeons are specialized in treating musculoskeletal complications i.e. problems with joints, muscles and bones. The path to being a successful surgeon is a very long one – you need to go through 4 years at a medical school and then undergo another 5-years residency program. But once you are through those years, you can expect to earn a salary which is quite higher than the national average. And if you are an orthopedic specialist, your annual earning can be around $426,590 or above!

The top 11 states, based on annual salary data collected from the reliable portal Salary Expert, shows that offered salaries can range between $449,000 and $495,000. This means the hourly income of orthopedic surgeons is usually over $200 and can go up to $237 in the case of the state of New Jersey. The top payers’ list has a special, not-state member in the shape of District of Columbia. But as it is the second-highest salary payer for orthopedic surgeons, you can also consider this to be one of your options. Also, usually the state size or the population is not directly correlated to the salary and you can surprised by how much some small states pay to specialized surgeons.

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